Ask DN: Where do you draw the honesty line?

4 years ago from Chris Arnold, Partner at Authentic Form & Function

  • Chris ArnoldChris Arnold, 4 years ago

    In total agreement here. We're never negative, always constructive, and the goal is to remain honest when a specific designers asks us what they can improve upon.

    I don't disagree the initial premise of the program isn't necessarily in line with more well known design schools, but as I noted in another reply below, at least provide students with a realistic expectation of what the program is preparing them for. Also of note, I'm not advocating that "poverty" conditions or not everyone's got a fair shot or starts from the same place.

    In the end, it's the work that matters, and I'm on board with that notion. I think, too, it's educating on general awareness and an understanding of what kind of job they're going after with such experience.

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