We're Waging War on Spam!

almost 6 years ago from Max Lind, sometimes Maxwell

  • Taylor Van OrdenTaylor Van Orden, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )
    1. Same IP address vote multiple times on the story = only 1 vote counts. Could be implemented for stories that have greater than 5 or 10 votes or greater than X votes / hour to prevent harmless / random roommate situations.

    2. Detect and ban or prevent users' votes from counting who have multiple accounts and use these accounts to vote on their own stories. Unlike reddit where there are actually some good reasons to have multiple accounts, DN is closely tied to real identity and no one should have more than one account, hypothetically. Again could be implemented in certain situations.

    3. If a story gets X votes in the first 1 or 2 hours, see where these votes are coming from. ie: if they are all landing from a link from direct link (ie: email, external source), start hiding the votes. A majority of votes should come from the DN homepage, or the user should arrive at the link from the homepage. I may be making too many assumptions here (apps or people using API externally??)

    Just some thoughts. I'm going to play designer in this scenario and ignore all problems with how the code actually works, who is going to do the work, and how much time it will take, and who will pay for it.

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