Ask DN: Any downside to curved monitors?

almost 6 years ago from n keyle, Fullstack since before it was a thing.

  • Matese F, almost 6 years ago

    I have a Samsung Curved Monitor and I love it. Its big enough for me that I can close my laptop and do all of my work on just the screen. The colors look good, not as good as the Dell monitors but as a designer it doesn't distort the colors very much and it is easier on the eyes. I also have my ps4 hooked up to it and the graphics are amazing. Plus the built in speakers help. Hope this answer helps

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    • n keylen keyle, almost 6 years ago

      By the colors not looking as good as the Dell, I suppose it's because you got a sRGB curved screen. I have noticed most of them are sRGB - which would be a strong negative for me.

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