Ask DN: How do you deploy and host websites today?

over 7 years ago from Jason Gowans, Co-Founder of Aerobatic

  • Jonathan SuhJonathan Suh, over 7 years ago

    Personally: I host my site on DigitalOcean. My site is built on Jekyll. Although I do development with Gulp, I use Grunt to build my production-ready site locally pre-deployment (need my tasks to run linearlly b/c my production build is a bit more complex than usual), and use Capistrano to deploy to my DigitalOcean server. Here’s my Gruntfile.js for reference:

    Clients: We host our sites on Amazon Web Services—EC2 for servers, RDS for databases, Route53 for DNS, S3 for storage. We host our repos on Beanstalk and use that for deployment. Beanstalk allows you to have multiple deployment environments and run post-deployment shell commands on the deployment server. Since just about all of our sites rely on Grunt/Gulp, we run production-specific post-deployment build commands (gulp production). You just need to make sure you have the dependencies installed on the server that you would on your machine for development (i.e. Gulp, Grunt, Node, etc.).

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