• Samuel ṢoṣinaSamuel Ṣoṣina, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    Just out of interest, why have you decided to move away from front-end web dev/ web design?

    Heres what I want to learn -

    • Figure drawing
    • Motion design
    • Colour
    • Typography
    • Layout
    • Spanish
    • Video production
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    • Benjamin ValmontBenjamin Valmont, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

      I have some strong opinions about the future of the web and where it’s all headed.

      1) With flexbox, standard style libraries, web components we are looking at less need for custom CSS and jQuery. Small business sites will become obsolete through the big traffic sites such as Facebook for Business and the likes.

      2) I learned how to code since graduating design school and seem to be slowly headed into becoming a web dev. I got into gulp, frameworks, CMS stuff and the only thing I see is bloat, complexity and dependencies. It doesn’t really align with how I feel the web should be.

      3) I have a visual mind and it’s really tough for me to enjoy coding because I just don’t seem to think that way.. As someone else here said, it might be a good career choice to learn how to code but you will lose your soul.

      4) The projects I want to get into now are so code heavy tha my design skills are pretty much an aside. I mean, WebGL and Canvas are awesome, but at this point it's becoming a career decision and at 30 I need to start thinking which direction I'd like to go.

      TLDR : designers should design and coders should code, for their own sanity.

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      • Jayant RaoJayant Rao, almost 6 years ago

        Being a designer and a programmer since high school. I want to get into programming native apps, but looks like it's going to be a bad idea.

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