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    In fairness, Anakin and Luke both displayed incredible prowess pre-training (Anakin's podracing, Luke's 'bullseyeing womprats'), but without having experienced combat they hadn't developed skills in that area. Whereas Rey is clearly used to dealing with physical combat armed with only a staff... She’s also having force visions before undergoing any training, so it’s likely she’s more attuned to the force than Luke was at the same age.

    Luke was never that powerful in the movies. It’s pretty clear that Vader and the Emperor have more raw power. Luke’s a great pilot, an excellent shot, and a nimble fighter, but he’s not powerful. I’m not sure which direction his arc is heading since they canned the Extended Universe, but it seems like he’s becoming more of a mystic than a warrior.

    From memory the level of the force itself also fluctuates. The prequels take place in a time where the force is flourishing, hence the numerous Jedi, some of whom have incredible powers - whereas by the time of A New Hope, it's waned, Yoda can't leap around like an acrobat anymore, Kenobi’s relying on simple mind tricks. In this film is seems like it is growing again - Rey taps into it easily, Leia (who is force sensitive due to her lineage but apparently has never undergone training) can sense Han’s death, and Rylo seems very powerful for someone with little focused control of his emotions. Vader and the Emperor used hate to drive power but not uncontrolled rage.

    It’s likely no coincidence that it’s titled “The Force Awakens”. It’s not referring to the Jedi, it’s referring to the Force itself.

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