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  • Jonathan CutrellJonathan Cutrell, over 5 years ago

    This is all the thumbprint of JJ Abrams. He did the same "recycling" thing with Star Trek Into Darkness.

    We have the parallel storyline because the Star Wars universe has never really accepted time travel/time bending, which is a huge part of Abrams's signature. So instead, he uses this deja vu stand-in, in which some of the elements are altered, but history repeats itself with new characters filling the same archetypes.

    To me, this was not only a smart decision, but it paid homage. I think it also sets up Episode 8 and/or 9 to have "The First Order Strikes Back"-echo, and perhaps even the "return of the sith" for the final episode, where a famous sith lord returns from some unknown place...

    I don't think there is any precedent for returning from the dead.

    With regards to the weapons, both of the new Jedi (assuming Finn will be revealed as a Jedi) are trained in hand-to-hand combat already because of their day-to-day situations. One is a Star Trooper, the other fends for herself in a clearly hostile environment on Jakku. So it's not all that hard to believe they would be able to fight. I agree they gloss over the whole "Luke had no clue how to use a lightsaber, so how dare they?" - but to be fair, Finn was beat in that fight had it not been for the new force golden child coming along.

    No son of a protagonist joins the dark side in previous films, by the way. Anakin joined the dark side without a father figure, and his son joins the light side. Perhaps a "young otherwise clean Jedi joins the dark side", but this is otherwise an echo with a different outcome from Abrams. Luke the son joined light, Kylo joins the dark.

    "Death Star like thing only bigger" - I feel like this is pretty natural, considering the ultimate devastation and terror is to have the power to destroy entire planetary civilizations. It is also normal to have "one way to blow the thing up" - the concept of kryptonite, a difficult, nearly impossible defeat, which makes the victory much more potent when it does occur.

    Overall, I think Abrams did a fantastic job bringing his directing style through echoing.

    I was actually quite surprised that they took out Han. That seemed to me to be a daring move, but it also definitely makes sense, so overall... I'm most of the way on board with this.

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    • barry saundersbarry saunders, over 5 years ago

      Star Wars films always echo each other, if JJ had totally reinvented the structure fans would have hated it.

      I thought it was a good homage to the original films with nice echoes of the Extended Universe (Rylo Ken seems inspired by Jacen Solo - Han and Leia's son who went to the dark side )

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