• Beth RBeth R, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    Just to set the record straight. My problem with this offer was that there was no way for me to look into "GF". There are job scammers all over the place and when a supposedly reputable company offers you a chance at a job, they have an email address that corresponds with their website/company.

    Just Google How to spot a fake job

    If you click on the first hit, the third rule is

    Free email accounts. Any recruiter or company that corresponds from a free email account such as Yahoo, Live, Hotmail or Gmail is very likely a scammer. Legitimate job related emails will come from corporate email accounts.

    Anyone can pose as another person. The people on here who aren't a fan of this kind of approach are simply being cautious.

    Any well-known author/entrepreneur would most definitely state his whole name, companies he has worked for and links to said companies. IMO

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