How Product Hunt really works(

almost 5 years ago from Dominic Sebastian, Product Design at Qwilr

  • Irving TorresIrving Torres, almost 5 years ago

    Old info in all honesty and some of it is really off. The main thing to understand about product Hunt is that there are "Power" Hunters out there. These are people who joined PH when in beta or are personal friends and have special privileges to post directly to the front page. No one else has this power so even if you submit it yourself it will only be added but not appear on the featured page. There is no official process to become a power user / "hunter" (trust me I've tried). Below these power users are the "makers" like myself who have an "M" badge on our profile and we can submit (not to the featured page) and comment on posts. Below that is regular invited users who can also comment and submit and below that is the lower tier of people who cannot comment or submit (they can only vote). This is how it's actually set up. If you want to be "featured" your best bet is to pitch it to these power users via Twitter / email or hope they stumble across your work on Reddit (r/entrepreneur or r/startups) or social media.

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