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almost 6 years ago from Joey Di Nardo, ✌︎ Sr JS Dev at Balderdash

  • Joseph Decker, almost 6 years ago

    Like the style, it looks very friendly.

    Some personal points, that would make it stand out a little more than it already does:

    • More "What's" (if possible), as to, what do you exactly mean with "interfaces", do you know more languages, etc

    • The "Where:" links, in my opinion, should open a new tab instead of removing the user from your website. You don't want to get them lost of course :)

    • (For me) A translation button for that chinese/japanese bit of text — perhaps give this a really cool transition?

    • Next level form, as in — error messages before hitting the "submit" button, some subtle (and I mean, nice and subtle) animations to let it stand out a little more.

    Hope this makes sense and helps :)

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    • Joey Di Nardo, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

      Thanks Joseph!

      Any advice on how to avoid "buzzword bingo" in my What section? I wanted to be generic to direct visitors towards my Github/Medium, which is a better representation of my abilities as a FE Dev than listing "React, Meteor, SCSS Modules, Webpack, Angular" yadda... Maybe my job title will suffice.

      Definitely will take care of the Where section.

      The Japanese translates into "Nichi nichi kore kōnichi" which means, "Every day is a beautiful day." I think I will make it a link to the wikipedia article.

      Thanks again!

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      • Joseph Decker, over 5 years ago

        Oh, I got one! For your "what:"section ; "what: writing a post for Medium" — perhaps it would be cool to put in data of what you're doing in real time. But keep it relevant to the visitor of course, as you already know :)

        Looking forward to that Wikipedia article!

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