Why Designers Should Code (But Shouldn't Push Code to Production)(jlzych.com)

almost 6 years ago from Jeff Zych, Head of Product Design at LaunchDarkly

  • Jeff Zych, almost 6 years ago

    Yeah, this helps a ton. But building a framework takes a lot of work and requires frontend specialists to build and maintain.

    Even then, a designer's time is better spent solving customer problems. If they're going to spend a week implementing a UI that a UI engineer could have done in a day, that isn't a good use of the designer's time. But for smaller implementation tasks, having a framework that enables designers and PMs and engineers to build things themselves quickly is great.

    At Optimizely, we've been building out our frontend framework and it's been hugely successful at enabling everyone to build UIs, in less time, and that are more consistent.

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