ASK DN: How do you handle full time + freelance work

almost 6 years ago from Art Vandelay, Latex Salesman - Vandelay Industries

  • Elizabeth AdamsElizabeth Adams, almost 6 years ago

    I know the drill. I'm in a full-time position in a pretty intense studio, and my freelance work has been on an upward trajectory ever since I started doing serious gigs a year or so ago.

    Here's what I tell myself to stay sane, though I'll admit that these are often aspirational rather than hard rules.

    1. If you're getting more work than you can handle, raise your rates.
    2. Reserve a few nights each week for down time. Accept only enough freelance work to spend 3 or 4 nights a week doing the gigs, and be diligent about respecting your down time.
    3. Bake timelines into your work agreements, and communicate that you'll be less available to your clients if they choose to mope/procrastinate/doodle around/generally ignore your timelines.
    4. Keep in mind that the intensity of your current work schedule is sort of a life phase that you'll go through for a while. Save up that cash, work hard as long as you don't burn out, and know that this energy won't stay around your whole life, so use it well while you can, and do good. Help people.
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