• Paul TrottPaul Trott, 4 years ago

    Just my opinion, but there's nothing pro about the macbook pro screens. Glossy screens suck IMO - terrible for color & contrast accuracy. I always team up my laptop with a decent matte screen monitor (the best I can afford) and use the laptop as a secondary screen. The last RMBP I owned, if I had any applications open for longer than 30seconds and then minimized them or switched to another app, the previous application would be burnt into my monitor for the next 2minutes and slowly fade away. For a $4K pro laptop, I was extreemly pissed. I still am.

    Bit of a rant, but i feel abit better after that. Thanks for the therapy, team.

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    • Vasiliy Leytman, 4 years ago

      Definitely agree! My most beloved was 30" Apple Cinema HD, latest Thunderbolt displays are so darn glossy, I become narcissistic ;) But finding darker place and somehow trying to keep my head at some preset angle to see colors at least bearably is... well, possible, and even doesn't imply any decrease in speed of work. But how to design site without having it displayed in full, 100%? Can't get that ;)

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