• Adam Hayman, 3 years ago

    Since going freelance full time I've been working solely on my Mid-2010 13" Macbook Pro. Let me tell you, it's painful. I even use the trackpad! haha Saving up my pennies to eventually upgrade to a 15" rMBP and an external display w/ stand alone keyboard and mouse.

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    • Paul TrottPaul Trott, 3 years ago

      Bro, top points for using the trackpad. Depending on what you do, but have you considered using a small wacom? They're easier on the wrist, though some tasks can be easier to do using a mouse. I tend to use both and swap between them.

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    • Vasiliy LeytmanVasiliy Leytman, 3 years ago

      Man, u killing me ;) You're a pixel magician ;) I get mad after 15 minutes of using trackpad instead of mouse and never even tried to use it for design work ;) But how its possible to say design a site and view it at 100% scale in full detail on 13" MBP? while still having some PS panels around and stuff like that.

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