• Philip AmourPhilip Amour, almost 5 years ago

    I personally own MBPwRD 15" and design in Sketch (stretched window to occupy all the space available or in fullscreen). Haven't had any issues and I am quite productive. I wish my employer would get me a retina iMac but for now I just throw Safari, Slack, Tweetbot and other apps on the Thunderbolt Display.

    At home I work on my 15" MBPwRD with no external displays and I have been quite productive - much more than working in the office. I usually have one app per desktop (which you can easily swipe through) so if I want to go from Sketch to Quartz Composer or Xcode, I just switch desktops.

    I have noticed that using one app at a time is much more efficient and productive than having a huge display with tons of windows floating around. You can focus and if you need more context, well you can just zoom out and pan around. Don't need a pixel-perfect rendering for a quick overview.

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    • Vasiliy LeytmanVasiliy Leytman, almost 5 years ago

      It's OK when all work is completely vector, but what if someone (haha. me :)) pushes a lot of raster pixels? Those looks strange and inaccurate on any scale larger/smaller than 100%.

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