Ask DN: Need constructive feedback on my portfolio site! :)(

almost 6 years ago from Vici Shaweddy, UX Designer

  • Kyle BavenderKyle Bavender, almost 6 years ago

    Thanks for your feedback, Jonathan. I really appreciate it.

    I can't see where you're coming from, however. There's nothing subtle about using the scroll wheel to pinch a large image into a box (or vice-versa) — especially on a large monitor. It's not native web behavior, so if you're going to use that effect, that effect should map 1:1 to your message. There should be a purpose to frame 1, a purpose to the final frame, and a purpose to what happens in between.

    Vici's implementation is not subtle. The image itself is a photo of three devices lined up, each displaying the web site — that's fairly explicit, actually. We see that Vici designs for desktop, tablet, smartphone (not to mention the text in the top right: "I DESIGN FOR MULTIPLE DEVICES"). Why scale it all down into a phone?

    "Delight". This is a pretty objective description. Personally, I found the effect jarring. Confusing. Were we zoomed in super close to a phone for a reason? Why a phone and not a desktop or tablet?

    My core critique here is that this is really animation for the sake of animation (I should disclaim, my personal track record is guilty, guilty, guilty...). We've all been there & done that when it comes to finding new tools & techniques. The key is in practicing restraint. As this has been a long hard lesson to learn as a designer, I find it my responsibility to share what I have learned.

    I only jump in here to respectfully disagree with you for this reason. It's not some broken-law, design-sin issue — but I believe it's at least a debatable issue. This particular piece of Vici's wonderful portfolio site is not its strongest from where I stand. That said, I like lots of Vici's work and if I were hiring I'd be inquiring!

    Thanks again for your thoughts Jonathan, and thanks Vici for sharing your portfolio!

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    • Vici ShaweddyVici Shaweddy, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback Kyle! You gave me a different perspective to see my website. I am still learning so this is the first website that I coded. Just wanted to learn ScrollMagic actually and I was trying to see if I could use it to tell my story. :)

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