Ask DN: Need constructive feedback on my portfolio site! :)(

almost 6 years ago from Vici Shaweddy, UX Designer

  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, almost 6 years ago

    love the portfolio excellent work.

    One thing i noticed is that (on latest firefox/macbookpro) the 'skills' area disappears...can't see it....just a big blank grey/white section...might want to check that out..

    i enjoyed the whole site very much...although it takes a while to scroll through's telling a compelling story, but i thought it took a little too long to get to the main content (for me, that'd be your portfolio).... If i'm looking for someone to hire, that's the main thing I'm going to see...

    aside from that, i quite liked it.... really liked your work..... very clean and modern!

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    • Vici ShaweddyVici Shaweddy, almost 6 years ago

      Nice catch on the firefox issue! I use Chrome and Safari all the time so never realized that something went wrong with another browser.

      I was thinking to make the scrolling shorter but it wouldn't be a complete story if I did it so I decided to have a navigation bar as a shortcut. Thanks for your feedback!

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