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over 4 years ago from David Gomes, Software Engineer

  • Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

    I feel that the font pairing and colour combination is very jarring. The serif font has very high contrast between thick and thin strokes and is difficult to read on a mobile.

    Combined with the monospace typeface, the text seems confused. Is it aiming for elegance or a terminal vibe?

    Other than that I think the website is easy to navigate, is very performant, and pleasantly minimal.

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    • David Gomes, over 4 years ago

      Yes, I had read about serif typefaces being hard to read on phones (Medium uses a sans-serif on mobiles but a serif on laptops), I'll look into that thank you!

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      • Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, over 4 years ago

        I think Medium's primary fonts are consistent between platforms. The Android app does use a serif font for body text. However, the problem is with the specific typeface. Maybe explore some different options and decide which one is the most legible while still having the aesthetic value that you want to convey.

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      • Stephen Tomlinson, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

        Agree with Matthew. It's not a serif vs sans issue, just that the font you have chosen is very thin and has a high contrast. It looks like a Didone, which are not a style of font that are particularly easy to read. If you want a font has has the same upright feel to it, but is more readable, I'd suggest you check out FF Meta Serif.

        I'd also suggest specifying your monospace font. The platform defaults, Menlo and Consolas, are both a lot nicer that Courier, in my opinion.

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