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3 years ago from Oskar Levinson, Screen Designer at The House Agency

  • Bogdan SanduBogdan Sandu, 3 years ago (edited 3 years ago )

    UI8 and Visual Hierarchy are two different marketplaces that have different owners. With an emphasis on marketplaces.

    Only around 5-10% of the products that you see on UI8 were made by UI8. The rest are made by some awesome freelance designers and companies, that are paid a commission for each sale.

    These guys own those products that you see there, not UI8.

    UI8 started crediting people for their work only a month ago. Which is a shame.

    You can only see the author if you scroll until the very end of the product.

    I'm glad that I did not put my products on UI8.

    Otherwise, all people including you Oskar, would have thought that were created by them.

    People need to learn about these shady business practices.

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    • Jon MyersJon Myers, 3 years ago (edited 3 years ago )

      I'm confused. On UI8 - I do indeed see an author credit at the bottom. Albeit, a somewhat ambiguous credit. Further, I do see an "About Us" page - on UI8 - so at least that tells me they are not hiding.

      On Visual Hierarchy, I see what look like fake reviews, I see no author credits, no "About Us" page with real people - and the domain name is registered via proxy.

      I don't know who "Oskar" is - or what it is in reference to?

      What did UI8 do that is shady?

      Did the designers not get paid? What was the agreement?

      Honestly, I'm just curious as I do recommend UI8 from time to time, so if there are business practices that don't agree with me, I want to know.

      From my perspective now, it looks like VH is hiding something.


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      • Bogdan SanduBogdan Sandu, 3 years ago

        My mistake, Jon, I wrote Oskar when replying to you. Oskar is the person who created this thread.

        The credit for authors on Visual Hierarchy is right at the top of the product page for quite some time now. Truth to be told, they didn’t have it for around 2 months, but back then there were only 2 authors that went uncredited. Now there are 30 something, all credited, if I counted right.

        I agree that Visual Hierarchy’s about page is not best one and the design in general needs improvement.

        I had the same concern about their costumer testimonials. They said that they were real. Some of them (those that have photos too) seem real.

        UI8's about page leads you to believe they are a design studio making those products you see on the site. The old page the same (before October 2015): http://i.imgur.com/8IQKjfc.png

        They've only recently added on their site the statement that they're a marketplace.

        New homepage - November 2015, marketplace mention) And the old homepage (September 2015, no marketplace mention): http://i.imgur.com/goZaP2e.jpg

        Old product page (same product, author not credited): http://i.imgur.com/O7dfh5C.jpg New product page (same product, author credited): http://i.imgur.com/jA5vx0q.png It was enough for people just like you to believe that they are creating all those products.

        So much for business ethics, right?

        Imagine if you learned that the only thing that Apple created by itself was the Mac. The iPhone, the iPad, the iPod were all designed and developed by different companies. To be clear, not outsourced, not exclusive. Designed and developed by other companies not related in any way with Apple.

        And you didn’t know anything about it, because Apple took credit and build its fantastic brand and 600 billion market cap letting you believe that they created those products. The same happened here. UI8 misled people just like you to believe that they created all the products.

        I don’t know about you, but to me it does not seem right.

        HonestIy, I prefer not to discuss the shady business part. As the above came to light, so will that too eventually. And will be told by a different person rather than me.

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