Ask DN: How can I improve my UX skills?

almost 6 years ago from Zoltán Hosszú, ⚡️ Creator of things ⚡️

  • Tyrale BloomfieldTyrale Bloomfield, almost 6 years ago

    Read, Build, Repeat

    Seriously, the more you can consume and produce the better you will become. As you consume it will grow in your mind. Like planting a seed. You water it by production. When you build products, be they digital or physical, you will run into small and large obstacles. What you have previously consumed or built will help you navigate around these new obstacles.

    Perform user tests. No better way to know how people behave than to track them. This will illuminate as well.

    Watch. Look at how successful products are building their experiences. Try to derive how they are making decisions, understand the decisions behind the result.

    Find a UX process you like to use. Here is an EXTREMELY short list of options.

    1. UX Triage - fast, easy. Focus on what is needed now, not later.
    2. Lean UX - think, make, check, repeat
    3. Traditional UX - User flow, User personas, wireframes, waterfall.
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