SHOW DN: A friend of mine made a calendar component in React.js, got feedback?(

over 6 years ago from Giulio Michelon, Cofounder @

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    • Yes, it's for a specific use-case. We designed that for a tariff configuration software connected to specific hardware ( Basically we needed it to display how an year is subdivided into 4 different periods. Here we also highlighted the working, festive and prefestive days. I think it turned out to be an interesting layout, you can see it here:

    • Yes, and I don't think this view make sense in a smaller screen. Do you have any idea on how to show all this information in less space?

    Thanks for the fast redesign. It looks way better. When I will have time I could push it into master. Regarding the final dist version I will ask Giovanni which is the author, I just worked on the design part but I'm not involved in the code.

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