• Sébastien Nikolaou, over 5 years ago

    So there is a need for more meaning? As if the tragedy itself lacks of meaning or power? I actually believe we are over-saturated with meaning, with coverage, with opinions etc.

    IMHO the brandification of a tragedy not only cheapens the actual fact, but it removes some of its meaning. Now it's an image, a picture that goes viral, a logo and a slogan that can be shared so easily, or a semi-transparent flag on top of profile pictures.

    It becomes a simulacrum for grief and compassion, that replaces the need for actual action and engagement. The signifier itself is worthless and cheap, as it can be shared so simply by individuals or media publishers without much thought. On the other hand, the signified has a tremendous value, as the shock, the fear, the grief, the compassion and the need for helping other people can be genuine and powerful.

    But when it comes canned in the form of a logo or a slogan that needs to be consumed by the masses in order to satisfy their need to show that they care, then all the real value is lost.

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