• Corin EdwardsCorin Edwards, over 5 years ago
    1. Nope, disagree with the premise, people will not forget about this in 3 weeks, be realistic.
    2. Absolutely agree. You and I and everyone in this thread is guilty of not using their considerable creative powers to bring more attention and/or thoughtfullness to horrors around the world.

    I hope you post a drone strike awareness project here soon, it is important.

    In your last unnumbered point I again disagree with the premise. When we pretend we aren't a part of the 'mass media' we just shrug off the responsibility of participating in these issues.

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    • Stefano TirloniStefano Tirloni, over 5 years ago
      1. Yes, my mistake, I mean after posting a news on FB or changing your avatar people feels fulfilled and that's it.

      2-3. As my personal choice I don't follow any television-paper-online news, this is not because I don't care about what's going on outside my home but because I don't want to be surrounded by negative/scary/panic news. And our democracy is driven by fear...

      I'll never post a drone/bomb terrorist project... I just want to talk about POSITIVE things. The best way for our, as a designer, to improve the world is to build something great with love, everyday! Something that solves user problems and make them feel better.

      I think that's it... So thank you Corin for your opinion! Keep going on building something awesome!

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