• Lasse AndersenLasse Andersen, 4 years ago

    That's a great question really. I used webflow in this project almost exclusively for the design part (creating CSS styles, tweaking layouts, making animations/transitions etc).

    The real benefit here is two-fold 1) Instant tweaking feedback, where e.g. adding a box-shadow is point-and-click with the result clearly visible as-you-click - there's no finding the DOM node in HTML, looking up the CSS class, saving, reloading, alt-tabbing and you don't have to lookup CSS property names in case you forgot them. When changes --feels like they-- are just 2 seconds away, you'll start experimenting more. 2) Almost none organization of class names and CSS files. This can, arguably, both be a pro and a con, but if you stick to transparent naming convention (e.g. BEM), you never have to think about where to put that darn class. The WF UI is, at least for me, a great help.

    Come to think of it, using WF feels like using a prettier version of the Chrome Devtools with constant pointing and tweaking - it's an answer to the eternal frontenders utopia dilemma: why can't the devtool editor not be my actual editor?

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