Simvla: A Svbtle-like Blogging Engine and Content Network(

almost 9 years ago from Fabian Schultz, Designer & Frontend Developer

  • Sorel ArghireSorel Arghire, almost 9 years ago

    Ignoring the fact that "Simvla" sounds like some eastern european mythological character, this is just stupid. They make a fool of both themselves and their writers, plus they hurt Svbtle.

    @Andrea, if you want to make an open Svbtle go for it. Copy their philosophy and values, because those are not copyrighted and are meant to inspire, and add the open element. But don't copy their identity, that's stupid/lame/harmful. Is like wearing a wedding dress at somebody's else wedding.

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    • Andrea GrassoAndrea Grasso, almost 9 years ago

      I think that there're real copies out there (i mean wp-svbtle, or this one, Simvla, at least, has a different look while trying to replicate svbtle in an open way.

      That said, I am already working on a complete re-design which will clear this point out once for all.

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      • Nick WNick W, almost 9 years ago

        The svbtle themes copied the svbtle look and feel which is one issue in itself. For what it's worth, I think most copies only cared about the minimal look and were shameless about it.

        In your case, it's not just an "inspired by" theme with a different look, you've copied the whole svbtle product with minor differentiation. Visually, from the typeface, to the like button, to the left rail, it's very clear this is a copy and you've simply tried to do "just enough" so it's not a copy. What bothers me the most is that from a brand/product perspective beyond the visual identity, you've essentially knocked off it's whole position as a high quality content network. You've copied various features even attempt to even use the same style of copy Dustin used for Svbtle while attacking him.

        A visual redesign or a qualifying your statement by saying "we're open" is not a sufficient differentiator. I think a good example of something that takes a similar approach to Svbtle, but hardly tries to plagiarize is Medium.

        On a more positive note, I thought your effort to recreate the editor was cool [1]- but you could have still done that without copying his visual style, or building upon it.

        Is your hosted solution going to be for pay? If so, then I have even more problems with this [2]

        [1] [2]

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        • Nick WNick W, almost 9 years ago

          Argh, no edit feature. I wanted to add: If you're that close to Svbtle, you might as well copy and be proud of it. I don't think your rationale is as solid as you think it is.

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        • Andrea GrassoAndrea Grasso, almost 9 years ago

          Whatever! I am offering a completely FREE service built from scratch on top of rock solid infrastructures to 200+ happy guys and gaI. I am just ok with that.

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