"Massive" design flaw with the new iPhone5C (twitter.com)

8 years ago from Eric H., Pixel me this

  • Danny WebsterDanny Webster, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    This incessant bleating just makes me second guess this industry - yes, I know for every obnoxious loudmouth in our field there are a dozen shaking their heads, not interested in buying into it.

    I've had my gripes about Apple in the past (and yes, would choose a Droid over an iPhone any day for a bunch of my own reasons), but it has mainly been because they were sticking to the same approach for so long. They're trying some new things like letting us see a version of iOS before it's completely baked, and making different versions of a phone; and now people are losing their shit about them releasing something different.

    This is the first version of iOS that I have ever taken an active interest in, and being uninterested in the previous versions meant that I just didn't pay them much attention - way less less effort than being an ass. Can we please as an industry grow up a little, and stop whinging because a company are trying to make a thing? I'm not going to buy one, but my wife totally will.

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