People in other industries react to being asked for spec work [Video](

7 years ago from Jonathan Shariat, Designer @ Google | Author @ O'Reilly | Podcaster @ DesignReview

  • Jeremy TreudenJeremy Treuden, 7 years ago

    Very true! And, yeah, it's easy to get wrapped up in the "I'm the designer" mindset--a mindset that is usually not very helpful, might I add :)

    However, I certainly would never call myself an elite, hall-of-fame, superstar designer. But I would hope that I would be respected as a knowledgable designer with years of training and practice honing those skills.

    And I would not expect my dentist to be one of the other greatest dentists in the country. I simply know and respect that he/she has more knowledge that I do in that field than I do. They may have not written their dissertation on cavities, but I trust that they can do a better job filling them than can.

    Whether you're an expert or not, you are hopefully (and I do say hopefully) more experienced and versed in design than the average client. Again, if they were more knowledgable in the field than you, they should / could have just done it themselves.

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