"Couple" on dribbble is being debated (NSFW?)(dribbble.com)

almost 4 years ago from David Barker

  • Elliott ReganElliott Regan, almost 4 years ago

    Of course, you could take that and say that you see zero ads with guns in populated areas, so why are there so many on Dribbble?

    If you can show non-violent pictures of guns, you should be able to show non-sexual images with nudity.

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    • Chase GiuntaChase Giunta, almost 4 years ago

      Sure. It's a grey area over what is considered sexual and what isn't, so that's difficult to enforce. The shot in question is of a couple, both nude, hand upon another, etc. Sexual IMO. A gun by itself (or in the act of hunt, protection, or sport) is not viewed negatively violent, IMO (though, I don't care to view any either) but put to use in the incorrect way, sure. The subjectivity of it all is tough.

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