"Couple" on dribbble is being debated (NSFW?)(dribbble.com)

almost 4 years ago from David Barker

  • Drew AlbinsonDrew Albinson, almost 4 years ago

    Notice I said "any time religious beliefs are brought up or injected into a conversation" -- in this instance it wasn't brought up by those who were being ridiculed. In some instances it is. I was making a broader statement about how unproductive that is instead of pointing fingers.

    Regarding your suggestion, the trouble with tagging things as indecent or "NSFW" is that it is a form censorship. It tucks things that could be important outside of view from the community. And as with any form of censorship, it's incredibly dangerous, largely arbitrary, and doesn't seem to fully satisfy even those on the conservative end of the spectrum. Civil discussions and explorations regarding nudity in art and design are valuable and should be part of the community not tucked away as they would be if Ryan's shot had been filtered out. In the same way as nipples exist appropriately in the world, they exist appropriately in the greater world of illustration, and shielding a community from that reality would be an unproductive misrepresentation of our shared reality. As many people here stated, the issues with the artwork aren't with the work itself, they're with the observer. If the observer isn't comfortable the work, that isn't the artist, canvas, place, or work's responsibility. Discomfort in the observer is the responsibility of the observer, and in this instance a lot of people seem to be reacting to it and wrestling with how they are uncomfortable with sexuality and seeing women's nipples.

    Instead of blaming dribbble, maybe those offended can do something about it such as build a 3rd party browser extension that hides content they're uncomfortable with instead of imposing their markedly conservative views upon the entire community. I'd warn them though that doing so would contribute to the very insular viewpoints that have been expressed today and shut them off from important people, work, and conversations all for the sake of a false sense of security against the lady nipples which again, I promise really do exist peacefully in the natural world.

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