"Couple" on dribbble is being debated (NSFW?)(dribbble.com)

almost 4 years ago from David Barker

  • Cecil Lancaster, almost 4 years ago (edited almost 4 years ago )

    You guys are being needlessly rude. I'm going to take a guess that no one finds this "offensive" as much as they find it inappropriate for work, which is what NSFW happens to mean.

    Sure, at your startup where you can drink a beer at your desk and wear flip flops every day I'm sure it's no big deal. But some people do work at places with a more conservative or "professional" environment, which is no fault of theirs but when perusing Dribbble, it would be nice not to have a naked man or woman onscreen and have your boss or coworkers wonder why that's happening. Even drawn.

    At the very least, there should be a label for NSFW, if there isn't one already.

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