• Sabih MirSabih Mir, almost 9 years ago

    Miner's approach seems way too exhaustive for small teams that are quickly iterating on a product. It's a bit old school. I used to do specs like this and they were extremely time-consuming and were never used as intended by the people who were supposed to reference them. That was when I was consulting though, so my time was their money. Now back on the product side, it's a time suck I can't afford.

    There is a magic balance of documentation and design that needs to be available for posterity...and LayerVault's timeline is a good step towards this — may be allowing some way to indicate what was "shipped" in the timeline of a design? My current solution is a more visual/high level spec that explains the goals of each screen and has a semi-final design next to it, all in a Google Doc. I try to update it as we make decisions during product development so we at least have some history of decisions made on the ground.

    But that, also, isn't perfect.

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