Why future designers won’t come from Art School(medium.com)

over 4 years ago from Pedro Pinto, Product

  • Jason EtcovitchJason Etcovitch, over 4 years ago

    The great thing about art school, from someone in it right now, is that it teaches you things that you don't know you don't know; to learn something online, you need to have first seen or heard of it to research it.

    No Sketch tutorial is going to mention positive/negative space, even though its vital to a balanced composition. The purpose of each tutorial is to teach one individual technique, and that tunnel vision leads to a very limited skillset.

    Design is a way of thinking, and without learning the fundamentals of that mindset, we would be, as a professor of mine once said, "Monkeys sitting at computers"

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    • Ben Kennerly, over 4 years ago

      This is very true. My professional jobs never came close to teaching me the nuances of typography, for example. Yet it's painfully clear to see the difference between someone who actually knows type vs. someone who manipulates software.

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