AMA: Christopher Downer, Designer at Sketch

almost 8 years ago from Christopher Downer, Designin’ Sketch

  • Ale FracazoAle Fracazo, almost 8 years ago

    Hi Chris, how are you doing?

    I'm working in Vodafone and I'm trying to bring sketch over to the design team around here, my question is regarding user flows in sketch, do you guys plan to create something like "group artboards"? Or create an artboard for artboards. Sorry if this sounds confused, it will be really helpful since we need to make presentations for stakeholders and for some sessions we need to print the flows, at this stage I'm creating an A3 artboard and dragging and dropping the screens from another file.

    Thanks for the great job you guys are doing with sketch!

    ps* the screenshot designing sketch using sketch was awesome!

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