dribbble is dead, long live dribbble

almost 6 years ago from Nathan Powell, Designer, Founder of Nusii.com

  • James Young, almost 6 years ago

    I can understand people complaining about the lack of real-world project work on there and indeed some of the advice from one of my fellow Hybrid Conf speakers who's now a pretty high profile designer working on some big name clients was "fake it until you make it". I'm not keen on that aspect of the site tbh but it is what it is.

    For the most part though, like Twitter, Facebook and any of the multitude of other sites where you can customise the content you see (who you follow, what you see in your timeline etc) I view complaining about that as something down to the lack of brainpower of the complainer. You have the tools to see what you want but you don't bother using them?!

    As for the dribbble popular page, that's literally a vapid high school style popularity contest but again, I've never visited it other than when people point out it's a vapid popularity contest. Normally when I log in, I see the work of people I follow and want to see.


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