AMA: Christopher Downer, Designer at Sketch

almost 8 years ago from Christopher Downer, Designin’ Sketch

  • A.A. Trabucco-CamposA.A. Trabucco-Campos, almost 8 years ago

    Hi Christopher, really awesome of you guys to do this — thank you.

    I use Sketch on a daily basis and love it: it's really a fantastic program.

    However, I am a designer that works a lot with typography and have found Sketch to be hugely limited on this end (it hasn't fully stopped me from using it, though). It's possible some of this limitations are not on your software's end, but I just can't find any work-arounds.

    The main issues are (1) style changes within a text box within a Text Style change the whole box's style: for example, if a Style is set to bold, and I change three words to italic. (2) very little support for glyphs — there is no panel to view and select them. This is a tiny list of major issues, but there are a few more.

    Do you have any plans in the near future to address these typographic limitations?

    Thank you for everything — keep up the amazing work! —A

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    • Christopher Downer, almost 8 years ago

      Type is definitely one area we’re looking to improve, and I’ve been doing a lot of research on this.

      I’d love to talk to you a bit more in-depth about this. Email me! chris[at]

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