AMA: Christopher Downer, Designer at Sketch

almost 8 years ago from Christopher Downer, Designin’ Sketch

  • Alex MartineauAlex Martineau, almost 8 years ago

    Hi Christopher! Thanks for doing this.

    As someone who has switched over to Sketch almost exclusively for design and prototyping using the Marvel plugin, I'm a big fan of the product and appreciate how much you update and improve it.

    My question is how do you plan on dealing with other larger companies like Adobe and Autodesk creating similar tools now? Your market share is strong and the community seems dedicated, but their marketing power and already tapped in user base poses a threat. Project Comet specifically looks to be a clone with prototyping built in.

    Thanks for answering!

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    • Christopher Downer, almost 8 years ago

      For a small company like ours to frighten someone like Adobe who have had this monopoly for so long, is really quite funny, and was never at all expected.

      But when I see things like Comet coming from them, I find it quite humbling. It’s validation that we must be doing something right if we’ve inspired Adobe that much, which is a huge testament to our design and our work.

      In terms of how we plan on dealing with this, it’s simple. We just keep doing the good work we’ve always been doing. Our fantastic community have been vital to get us to where we are, and hopefully we can repay them by keeping on improving Sketch.

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    • Mohsin NaqiMohsin Naqi, almost 8 years ago

      What is the Autodesk tool you speak of?

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