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  • Tristan FreeTristan Free, almost 8 years ago

    What are the perks of using GuideGuide, as opposed to, or in tandem with PS's "Guide Layout",

    View > New Guide Layout ...

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    • Jason MJason M, almost 8 years ago

      The biggest winner for me is using it with Artboards. Since I use many artboards in my designs - the 'Guide Layout' feature in Photoshop seems to just create the guides in the center of the canvas, instead of on the selected artboard that I'm on.

      GuideGuide does what I want, which is creates the guides on the artboard you have currently selected.

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    • Jamie FangJamie Fang, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

      I used to recommend GuideGuide to my colleagues. But I find the GuideGuide panel performs significantly slower ever since Adobe CC. So I replace it with Guide Layout in my workflow now.

      I now hook Guide Layout with some Keyboard Maestro marcos, which is faster than selecting "Guide Layout" from menu.

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      • Ethan Clark, almost 8 years ago

        It takes 5-7 seconds to be expanded from a collapsed panel, which is very annoying for a simple task indeed.

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