• Will ThomasWill Thomas, almost 6 years ago

    I had a look at Ecoute too, but went with Cesium after looking on reddit and finding the creator who had the same problem as me, he just ended up making his own.

    Does Ecoute support iCloud? Cesium lets you play stuff from there (most of the time!) but you can't manage your iCloud music from the app. I may switch back to Apple Music player because of Cesium's spotty iCloud support. But with Apple Music, stuff like not being able to turn off or hide "recently added" really drives me nuts. I'd also like to find a player that lets you edit meta-data in the app.

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    • Renee PRenee P, almost 6 years ago

      Not sure about iCloud support but it does support iTunes Match and Last.fm.

      Cesium looks pretty good, surprised I never found that one through my searches so I might try that one out too

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