Instead of buying a men’s shirt you’ll eventually throw out, put $30 here(

over 4 years ago from Daniel Eden, Product Designer at Facebook

  • James B, over 4 years ago

    So I sort of acknowledge that there are not enough women in tech. I would dispute the commonly cited reasons for why that is though.

    But by god, the amount of attention this issue gets on the internets is way out of proportion. People are dying crossing waters to get a way from freaking warzones, Russia is bombing the shit of innocent people, and do we hear a peep about ANY of this on Twitter/HN/DN/Reddit. NO and it is a fucking disgrace. So I will no donate to Girls who code. I will send my money to Syria and make sure my money goes to the real downtrodden.

    Next time, a middle-class Oxford-educated white girl tells me how she is oppressed, I'm seriously going to pull my freaking hair out.

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