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6 years ago from Michael Whitham, Product Designer at Cakemail

  • Mike JoyceMike Joyce, 6 years ago

    I'm new at DN - so, I can't share articles in a new thread for a week:/ But, I did write a response article on Medium about their logo & my not too glowing of an opinion.

    I also came up with an alternate version, based on their original logo. Nothing amazing, but, I explain my reasoning in the article. I still like their original the best, but, I thought I'd do a different take on it to show some possibilities. Check it out if you're interested -

    "Dear Medium: Your New Logo…Sucks. Here’s v3.0":

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    • J FJ F, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

      Your article starts off by shitting them and end with "All that said, kudos to the hard working design team."


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      • Mike JoyceMike Joyce, 6 years ago

        Hey Jaime. I feel ya - my writing approach may not be for everyone. I simply gave my genuine opinion, while trying not to pull any punches. I truly feel the end result sucked (in my personal opinion). But, by no means did I want to imply that they didn't give it hard thought, hard work & apply a thorough process. But, they missed the mark from my perspective.

        In every design situation there will be more going on behind the scenes with stake holders & constraints that outsiders generally don't understand fully or know about. So, my critique is not fully fair, but, by the same token a user should be entitled to express their thoughts without holding back.

        Cheers, Mike

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