Network Effect(

6 years ago from Charlie Sneath, a designer

  • Jon MyersJon Myers, 6 years ago

    Nice, thanks.

    I should have known. Wow, Jonathan Harris keeps getting better. WeFeelFine on steroids. lol

    But yeah, wow I'm really blown away by how he wove this together.

    He wove outrage and sentiment, multi-media, interaction and serendipity together so well, with a beautiful conclusion and nice forced restraint at the end.

    Funny how now, with the perpetual outrage machine in full effect, and social media making it possible for popular culture to exist in a constant state of fear and aggravation, which it seems to do - it strikes me that now - being positive and un-ironic - is in a way, counter cultural.

    At least that was my take away. He nailed it.

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