Adobe Portfolio(

almost 8 years ago from Robbert Esser, UX Designer

  • Suganth SSuganth S, almost 8 years ago

    9.99 / month

    Includes Photoshop and Lightroom

    So to create a portfolio, I need photoshop and light room?

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    • Charles GedeonCharles Gedeon, almost 8 years ago

      If you have a Creative Cloud account then it's free. Otherwise you pay the price and upload anything else.

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    • Yohul CYohul C, almost 8 years ago

      I'm guessing just like Prosite it's part of the Photoshop + LR Creative Cloud Plan, as well as a regular Creative Cloud Subscription.

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    • Andrew Couldwell, almost 8 years ago

      No. $9.99 gets you Portfolio, plus you also get Photoshop and Lightroom. Portfolio is free if you already have a Creative Cloud plan.

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