Design agency owners, what tools are you using?

over 5 years ago from Philip Lester, CEO @ Dreamten & GiveForms

  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, 5 years ago

    To avoid repeating already suggested software, I'll only add the ones that we use and weren't already mentioned:

    Quip at it's core, quip is a collaborative text editor that allows for comments and conversations based on a specific selection. It does however support tasks, attachments and even spreadsheets, making it incredibly useful for project management. It also has apps for every platform.

    MindNode 2: Mind Node isn't marginally better than the other mind mapping tools out there, but it feels like the simplest and most bullshit-free. Also, it offers apps for both OSX and iOS (no Windows or Android - sorry).

    Photoshop: While Sketch does have a lot of advantages for UI work, and we do use it for smaller or some internal projects, it is my opinion that it still can't come close to the power of PS - as bad as it can be. Performance is also a little better on OSX since 10.11

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