Design agency owners, what tools are you using?

over 5 years ago from Philip Lester, CEO @ Dreamten & GiveForms

  • Bryant HughesBryant Hughes, over 5 years ago


    Slack Pretty much what everyone uses it for. Daily BS'ing and project related stuff. We've got site downtime alerts configured to ping us in here as well. Giphy integration FTW

    Asana For all internal project, task management, running meetings, tracking OKRs. LOVE Asana. The new redesign is amazing as well.

    15Five End of week status reports and light OKR planning. We're just starting to use this tomorrow, so don't have too much to report for now. Heard lots of great things from other remote teams though.

    Sqwiggle Being able to see people and quick one off chats (we're a remote team). Definitely seems creepy, but I really like it. One stat I heard before was that the average Skype call was ~12 minutes and the average Sqwiggle call was < 2 minutes. It's great for the allow for "tap on the shoulder" conversations for a remote team.

    Gmail Email, duh.

    Basecamp Solely for project related communication and task management with clients at this point. Probably going to try and move them to Asana at some point and get rid of a tool. Basecamp 3 could be interesting though...

    Google Hangouts Group chats


    Sketch By far the best tool for all the design work we do. Photo..what?

    Invision Client reviews and handoffs. Had some issues with this recently though.

    Xmind Design planning: sitemaps, user flows, etc.. It's a pretty basic piece of software, but perfect for creating documents that don't need superfluous aesthetics and favor quick organization vs. style.


    Sublime Text Writing Code

    Codebase HQ Git hosting. Github is expensive for agencies with tons of projects!

    Craft CMS By far the best CMS we've used. We try and contribute to plugins and dev as much as possible.

    Foundation Framework of choice for site and app projects

    React JS Framework of choice for interface (and native!) projects


    Harvest Time tracking and sending invoices. We probably don't automate this as much as we could, but it gets the job done.

    Xero Accounting and book keeping. Not the most intuitive or easy to use, but it makes our accountant's life easier.

    Dropbox Filesharing. Mostly project related files (designs, fonts, brand assets) etc..

    Drive All of our documents and spreadsheets. Both client and internal.

    Wow, we use a lot!

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    • Philip Lester, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

      Awesome list and lots of solid choices there, thanks so much for this. 15Five is one I hadn't heard of and looks amazing.

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