AMA: Brian Hoff

over 5 years ago from Brian Hoff, Creative Director @ Brian Hoff Design, Inc.

  • Heather White, over 5 years ago

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! As a fellow "designtrepreneur" of a small and much MUCH less known company, I have a question specifically about your blog:

    In a world where social media is full of everyone's voices, we are also trying to get better about blogging and creating genuinely interesting content. However, the 2 of us find it difficult to set aside the time to write blog posts/figure out what to write about. Do you have any tips/pointers on making sure our content is not only worth reading, but is also generated often enough to keep interest? How often do you write new content and how do you keep to that schedule?

    Cheers! Heather

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    • Brian Hoff, over 5 years ago

      I hear that, Heather! Yes, finding the time is definitely the hard part of writing. When I first started my blog, I would write 2 articles a week. Now I feel accomplished to write once a month. Haha.

      Actually I'd say that 90% of my blog posts are written because of something I was thinking about or occurred during work hours. Those are the best posts. For example, It allows you to reflect and more carefully think through whatever happened but also share those experiences that might prevent it happening to someone else. If I can't write the article soon after having that experience I'll quickly jot some notes and revisit it when I can. Hope that helps and happy writing! :)

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