AMA: Brian Hoff

over 5 years ago from Brian Hoff, Creative Director @ Brian Hoff Design, Inc.

  • Brian Hoff, over 5 years ago

    Hey Ryan.

    Some luck. Some timing. Some putting in the work :) I'll explain...

    1. Blogging — I started The Design Cubicle at a time when blogging was gaining momentum. So a bit of timing helped. However, blogging has definitely helped to get my name out there. Documenting my process helped make my business more transparent and honest. A person forking over thousands of dollars having never met you or barely knowing you is a crazy thought. Building trust and confidence for them breaks that barrier a bit.

    2. Twitter — I was one of the early birds when Twitter first came on the scene. Users were more engaged and your work / blog posts / life was more engaged with. It helped to drive traffic for sure. Sadly, Twitter is just a sea of noise that no one pays attention to (often because they miss so much with overcrowding).

    3. Do good work — This one sounds pretty basic and that's because it is in theory. Good work emerges eventually. I like to think I do good work – although never satisfied :D Damn, you designer mind!

    4. Building relationships / networking: Currently I recommend other designers and studios left and right (since luckily I get my requests than I take on). Many I recommend are people doing good work, people I've met / had discussion with, and friends that I've become close with because of design / conferences / etc. These people usually come to my mind first.

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