AMA: Brian Hoff

over 5 years ago from Brian Hoff, Creative Director @ Brian Hoff Design, Inc.

  • Christopher Rowe, over 5 years ago

    Hey Brian.

    A very generalised question as it's bound to differ for different projects, but what would your typical design process involve? Do you sketch, create moodboards, , wireframe, jump straight into PS?!


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    • Brian Hoff, over 5 years ago

      Hi Christopher. My process changes from client to client and from project to project. Some clients are further along with their needs, some not knowing what to expect. Unfortunately I don't have an XYZ approach. However there are some elements that are constant, which I documented on a blog post earlier this year, On Setting Expectations. Hopefully that helps.

      But yes, I've definitely done lite sketches, moodboards (usually every project), wireframes, etc. :)

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