AMA: Brian Hoff

over 5 years ago from Brian Hoff, Creative Director @ Brian Hoff Design, Inc.

  • Ryan GloverRyan Glover, over 5 years ago

    Hey Brian! Just want to say thanks. Have always kept an eye on your work and have enjoyed the progression you've made over the years. Really neat to watch a soloist build up his business.

    On that note: what was the shift in mindset that helped you to move from a soloist/freelancer to running an agency? Anything in particular that really helped you "get it" or push things forward?

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    • Brian Hoff, over 5 years ago

      Thanks Ryan! The "type" of work I was looking to take on really led me to the small shift. Many larger projects / more established clients are looking for more than "a simple website" I've found. Wanting to deliver more meaningful work and land projects that I saw from concept to launch become more important. However, it was important to stay small. I've wrestled with the idea of growing larger. In the end, I wanted to stay committed to the quality of work that gets me excited. Plus I love to actually design. Get my hands wet a bit. Growing too large often means being a part of more management tasks than I do now. Instead, over the years I've found a small team of really passionate, talented guys and gals gets it done and keeps me happy.And ultimately keeps the client at their happiest. In 8-9 years on my own, I've only had one sour experience. I like to think it's because I can keep the relationship more intimate while staying up with a consistent level of output.

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