• Missy TitusMissy Titus, over 7 years ago

    It's unfortunate that so much misreporting and witch-hunting took place. While I agree that a lot of people may have been misinformed and that the system as a whole was nice, the logo itself was ugly. And often times, a logo needs to stand by itself, outside of it's intended system. However, just because the school eliminated the logo, doesn't mean they have to do away with the entire system. If you honestly look at the system and replace it with the actual old logo, sure it doesn't work perfectly, but it's still better than what they were using before. And they can always rework a new logo into the system as well. One that is less offensive. In fact, a pretty small change would make a huge difference: the gradient of the "C" was the main offender; when the logo is presented with the "C" as a cutout, it looks 10x better, imo.

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