Got any design leadership tips?

almost 5 years ago from Jordan Little, Design/Dev

  • Peter DeltondoPeter Deltondo, almost 5 years ago

    One more thing and I think another person touched on this. Figure out the right way to talk to each person on your team. Each person has their own "language" you have to use. There are some people you can be direct and tell them what to do, or to simply change something. Others you have to guide them to the answer, things like "I like this, but did you think of trying something like "X", mock that up and then let's compare the two and decide together which works best". Some folks are thick skinned and wanna get down to brass tax and get things done, others may be a bit emotional or perhaps unexperienced in their work, and you have to speak to them differently to both build them up and get the desired end result you want.

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